Active Iron & B Complex Plus for Women

Active Iron & B Complex Plus for Women is the first female-specific Iron with B Complex Plus, containing Active Iron’s ground-breaking protein formula which has clinically proven better absorption of iron sulfate and a B Complex, plus it is specially formulated to optimise Iron and Mineral absorption.

  • Twice the absorption compared to standard iron sulfate
  • Kind enough to be taken on an empty stomach

Contains: 30 Iron Capsules and 30 Active Multivitamins


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Specially designed for women to tackle tiredness and support hormonal balance.

Active Iron products are created using an advanced protein microsphere formulation.

This formulation reduces the side effects associated with taking iron supplements and improves iron absorption efficacy. Conventional iron products can be cheap and poorly absorbed with 30% of regular users reporting negative side effects such as; diarrhoea, burping, bloating, stomach pain, nausea, black stool and constipation.

Active Iron is unique with a dual-action functionality:

  • Active Iron targets the “Iron Absorber” (DMT-1) which is active in the early part of the intestine.
  • Active Iron protects the gut from iron damage, and reactive oxygen species (ROS).

By targeting the “iron absorber” (DMT-1), Active Iron delivers twice as much iron per mg dose; as that of the gold standard, Ferrous Sulfate. By protecting the gut from ROS and cell damage – side effects are reduced with Active Iron.