Active Iron Pregnancy

Containing 17mg iron, Active Iron Pregnancy helps support women’s iron levels throughout pregnancy.

Contains: 30 Capsules


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Active Iron helps support iron and energy levels throughout pregnancy¹.

How does it work? 

Active Iron’s ground-breaking whey protein formula targets the body’s natural site of iron absorption, the DMT-1. This helps reduce oxidation and protects the gut from inflammation. As a result, Active Iron delivers 2X better absorption of iron sulfate².

Iron Supports:


  • Normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


  • Normal function of the immune system

Cognitive Function

  • Normal cognitive function

Blood Building

  • Formation of haemoglobin & red blood cells

Oxygen Transport

  • Oxygen transport in the body

Free From:

  • Artificial Colours And Preservatives
  • Gluten
  • Sugar

Suitable For:

  • Preconception
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal including breastfeeding
  • Coeliacs
  • Vegetarians