Epitact Hammer Toe Cushions


The aim of the Epitact Hammer Toe Cushion (under-toe straightener) is to lengthen hammer or claw toes without discomfort, in order to avoid stressful contact with your shoes. This means that it reduces pain and helps to prevent corns or callused areas forming on top of and at the tip of the toe.

Hammer and Claw Toes – the potential risk: toes may end up being fixed in a painful position and this may be more difficult to correct. An alternative solution: position a straightener under the toes that will allow them to lengthen. This means that the toes retain some flexibility and rubbing from the shoe is avoided.

  • The Epitact Hammer Toe Cushion – straightener, made from Epithelium®, is placed under the toes. The toes are then lengthened without discomfort and fewer corns will form on the tips and tops of the toes
  • They are perfectly shaped to the space beneath the toes
  • The flexible elastic that stretches around the 3rd toe keeps the straightener in place
  • It is comfortable to wear; thanks to the fabric chosen, which is soft and breathable
  • Available in 2 sizes: Male (Large) and Female (Small)
  • The straightener is machine washable at 30°C
  • Sold in pairs
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