Epitact Heel Lifts


Epitact Heel Lifts are a heel spur designed for plantur fasciitis. They ease heel pain by reducing shock waves and alleviating the strain on the plantar fascia. The unique epithelium 26 silicone gel brings extra-comfort and the double-sided adhesive enables the heel lifts to stay in place in the shoes.

Physiochoc is a podiatrist-approved powerful shock absorbing material. The Epitact heel lift is made form this material, which dissipates the energy generated as the foot makes contact with the ground. As a result, joint and back pain are reduced. Lifting heels up by 5 mm alleviates strain on the plantar fascia and brings comfort, with less inflammation in the tendon.

  • Reduces plantur tension and soothes pain
  • Heel lift effectively reduces shock or impact from every step
  • Double sided adhesive keeps the heel lift in place within your shoe
  • Ultra light
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