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MyPro Kolicare is a clinically proven probiotic formula that effectively prevents and treats the early childhood indications of Colic, whilst promoting a healthy digestive system for baby.

  • 100% natural, probiotic formula that reduces the symptoms of Colic
  • Clinically proven to; reduce episodes of colic and babies daily crying time
  • Increase gut bacteria diversity, improve GI transit and is non-bloating
  • Suitable for both formula and breastfed babies
  • Formulated with two different strains of probiotic bacteria with targeted benefits. Tested daily dose 1 billion CFU(1E9)
  • Safe and easy to use – only 5 drops a day and can be mixed with warm milk
  • Allergen-free formula supporting babies’ gut microbiota maturation
  • Helps to promote a happier and calmer parent and baby
  • Helps to reduce babies crying time