Epitact Bunion Protector


Epitact has created a hallux valgus (bunion) protector that contains a disc of Epithelium 26® gel which limits pressure and rubbing of the bunion. This relieves pain and prevents the formation of calluses.

Do you suffer from a bunions? Even if the deformity is only slight, wearing shoes very quickly becomes painful. The pinching from shoes leads to pain at the bony outgrowth and hard skin develops due to pressure and rubbing. At this point it is crucial to place a support between the shoe and the bunion that will redistribute the load and relieve pain.

This is the purpose of the Epithelium 26® silicone gel that is built into the EPITACT hallux valgus protector.

  • The protector is easy to position and it stays in place perfectly.
  • The hallux valgus protector can be machine washed at 40°C in the mesh laundry bag provided.
  •    Sold individually. Suitable for either the left or right foot.
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