Epitact Rigid Bunion Corrector – Night


Epitact has created a hallux valgus (bunion) corrector for night time use that contains a disc of Epithelium 26® gel which limits pressure and rubbing of the bunion. This helps re configure your big toe into place while you sleep.

Do you suffer from a bunions? By using the EPITACT® HV night support, you can slow down the progression of the hallux valgus, thus slow down the malformation.

This is the purpose of the Epithelium 26® silicone gel that is built into the EPITACT hallux valgus protector.

  • It can be easily thermoformed and adapts to your foot: it softens when submerged in boiloing water. Once it is appropriate, it adapts to the shape of the foot.*
  • It ‘s a Tailored night support
  • üLight and very thin, you forget it while you sleep
  • Can be molded several times
  • Machine-wash at 30°C in the washing net provided or hand wash (without scrubbing).
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