Epitact Digitops (Toe Protector)


By redistributing the pressure exerted on the tip of the toe, the Epitact Toe Protector helps to relieve pain caused by corns or ingrown toenails in this area. It also useful for reducing micro-shocks to the toe, and as a result, prevents the appearance of black toenails.

The tip of the toe is a very sensitive area, and when the shoe rubs against this area of the foot, the result can be sharp pain. This can happen if there are corns or calluses on the tip of the toe, or an ingrown toenail, or if the tip of the toe is subjected to continuous micro-shocks.

To help to protect the tip of the toe, the Epitact toe protector contains the patented EPITHELIUM 26® silicone gel, which redistributes pressure and helps to reduce stress on the toe. At times, extra pain relief may be needed for the relief and treatment of pain caused by corns on the tip of toe, black toenails and ingrown toenails – but the Epitact toe protector helps to relieve pain overall.

    • The toe protector is easy to put on, just position it outside-in; at the tip of the toe and gradually unroll it.
    • It stays in place easily, due to the elasticity of the fabric and the flexibility of the wings.
    • The gel is inserted between two layers of fabric throughout the length of the toe protector, ensuring greater resistance to wear and tear.
    • To avoid black toenails, put the toe protector on before the activity that is likely to cause black toenails.
    • Sold in pairs of two.

Our advice: The toe protector is not a treatment for an ingrown toenail, it only protects the tender or painful area.

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