Epitact PhysioStrap (Knee Support Brace)


The Epitact PhysioStrap Arthritic Knee Support helps to secure and hold in place fragile, tender or painful joints. It can be worn on a daily basis during any kind of activity.

    • INDICATIONS: Wearing the PhysioStrap helps to relieve and secure a fragile or painful knee (osteoarthritis, patellar pathologies, fragile ligaments etc.). It contributes to a sense of stability that encourages you to continue or resume daily activities while you forget all about the knee support.
    • SPECIFICS: It is crucial to keep walking in order to combat the aggravation of osteoarthritis. The knee cartilage is a poorly vascularised tissue, so its blood supply is dependent on joint movement. The PhysioStrap support helps you to continue daily activities in order to preserve your mobility.
    • DESIGN: Extra-thin and discreet, the PhysioStrap has been specially developed to be worn under all types of clothing (trousers, skirt etc.). The technology is concentrated into a device of under 40g, and it will not slip or trigger any further discomfort behind the knee (popliteal fossa).
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