Epitact Rigid Thumb Brace


Wearing the Epitact Rigid Thumb Brace at night helps to relieve joint pain at the base of the thumb and contributes to slowing the progression of thumb osteoarthritis.

Functioning: The Epitact Orthotic holds the thumb in a resting position while opening the joint between the index finger and the thumb. The alignment of the bones restricts the forces exerted on the trapeziometacarpal joint and helps to relieve pain.

Specifics: The rigid Orthotic becomes highly flexible when you submerge it in hot water. As soon as you put it on, it will mould to the shape of your hand and hold your thumb in a natural resting position. It hardens and becomes rigid again in a few minutes: you then have an orthotic with a perfect fit.

Ergonomics: Very comfortable, light and ultra-thin, helping you to forget all about the Orthotic while you sleep.

Lifespan: When looked after properly, you can wear it on a daily basis for several months.

Note: In addition to the rigid Orthotic for night-time use, we advise that you also wear an Epitact Flexible Orthotic for daytime use, which absorbs traumatic micro-mobilisations; thereby helping to reduce pain.

Composition: 47% polyamide / elastane blend fabric, 53% thermo forming plastic.

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